Icarus - Key Project Deliverables Achieved

Posted on May 14, 2013 by Sarah

Building on the creation of an initial system specification for the waste heat generation system Deliverable 1.1 - A computer program for thermodynamic analysis - has been provided along with the sizing of the main components of the system.

Working fluid activity to determine the ideal fluid for the system has been intense and is approaching completion in relation to identifying the fluid that will provide the maximum efficiency and lowest operating temperature.

Deliverable 1.3 - Flue gas characteristics has also been completed and has involved field measurements taken from chemical and cement plant. This data has been used to determine the potential power output and recoverable moisture.

Work on the CFD (computerised fluid dynamics) modelling of the expander, which generates the electrical output of the system, has culminated in a report: Deliverable 3.1 - CFD model for the expander. This report provides the source and specification of the selected commercially available equipment.

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