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Adaptive® High Temperature Cycling Peltier Cooler Modules


We have updated our APHC product data sheets and web page to provide more information to help you choose the correct temperature cycling Peltier module for your requirements.

Cycling modules are used when temperature control is needed to heat and cool, sometimes rapidly. When used with the Adaptive® CyCLO and JUNIOR[1] temperature controllers you can achieve precise temperature control with an accuracy of up to 0.5 of a degree.

Our temperature cycling modules have been designed specifically for:

For more details on our high-temperature cycling modules see our Thermoelectric Cooler Modules page, products are prefixed with APHC.

For details on how to use our data sheets and get the best out of your chosen thermoelectric cooler module (TEC) please see our technical reference page.

[1] For more details on our temperature controllers visit: https://www.europeanthermodynamics.com/products/adaptive-thermal-controllers