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New thermoelectric cooler modules added


A new Adaptive® range of 15 sealed thermoelectric cooler modules have been added to our existing range. The modules are sealed & lapped for multi-module applications, they are RoHs and Reach 161 compliant and are built with high temperature solder to withstand <200ËšC assembly processing temperatures for short periods of time.

All of the modules can be bonded using heat sink bonder, they are high strength for rugged environments and can create systems which are effective from a few mW to few hundred Watts of cooling power.

Epoxy sealed modules have an 'E' on the end of their part number and silicon sealed modules have an 'S' on the end.

For small quantities, you can quickly and easily purchase the modules through Farnell.

For larger or bespoke orders, please contact us directly.

We have thermoelectric experts on-site to answer your technical questions!