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Update! All Spreadfast® heat pipes are now available through RS Components


European Thermodynamics own brand of heat pipes, Spreadfast®, is now available through our Global distributor, RS Componenets as well asFarnell.

The new range of heat pipes are high performance, high efficiency thermal conductors. Spreadfast® offers a wide selection of round, sintered wick heat pipes from 3 to 12mm in diameter and 100 to 300mm in length. They are made from Copper C1020 and have a guarantee of 3 years. Please refer to the data sheets for more information.

For bespoke thermal management systems using Spreadfast® heat pipes or for large orders, please contact us with your requirements.

Click here to browse through our sintered heat pipes. Go into the individual product pages to find the product page link to the RS or Farnell buy page.