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Creating an absorption system to generate power from waste heat in industrial settings


The aim of ICARUS was to create innovative and environmentally friendly CO2/lubricant absorption technology for power generation from low temperature industrial waste heat to reduce emissions and costs.


The ICARUS project aimed to create absorption power generation technology for low temperature (60-120C) heat. This enables the consortium to create a waste-heat power generation system for industrial (chemical and cement) applications. By doing this, the absorption power generation system created will offer greatly improved environmental performance due to improved efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions at a cost that is affordable to the end-user. This will lead to significant economic and societal benefits to manufacturers.

​The SME consortium will target up to 10% of the EU manufacturing SMEs operating within the Chemicals and Cement Industry within a 5 year period.

Project end date

July 2014




More information

For more information please visit: icaruspower.eu