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The development of a manufacturing process to enable high volume production of TEGs


PrinTEG's key aim is the development of an automation process to provide high volume production at low cost to satisfy the demand of TEG applications. The expected outcome will be the production of TEG's that are capable of delivering 600W-1kW power. Relying on the background intellectual property and new upcoming foreground intellectual property, PrinTEG will allow the commercialisation of TEG's for high-volume applications as for the automotive industry.


PrinTEG will provide a low cost, highly flexible manufacturing technology to produce a broad range of high-efficient thermoelectric (TE) devices in the first instance for automotive OEM's and then for a wider range of markets including Marine, Solar Renewables and Industrial waste heat.

Project end date

November 2015




Please check back for the results soon!

More information

For more information please visit: printeg.info