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A novel printing process for TEGs in wireless sensors to monitor district heat pipes


The Prestege project is the development of a cost effective, innovative printing process for the manufacture of energy harvesting thermoelectric generators (TEGs). The TEGs that are produced will be integrated into advanced, energy efficient wireless sensor networks for the monitoring of district heat pipes.


The Prestege project will deliver a device that will harvest 3mW to recharge a lithium battery, increasing it's lifetime to over 10 years (current Li ion battery technology in this application has a lifetime of 6-24 months).

Additionally, district heating providers would like to be able to monitor in real time the demand for hot water. The inspection wells that are distributed every 150 metres are ideal locations to position the sensors, enabling the measurement of water height, temperature and flow rate.

Project end date

February 2016




Please check back for the results soon!

More information

For more information, please visit: prestege.eu