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Technical Reference

Technical Reference Documents

We have a number of articles available for reference purposes.

Optimising Thermoelectric Cooler Modules in a System

If you have some knowledge of thermoelectric cooling these documents are used together to describe how to use our product datasheets to help you get the best out of our thermoelectric cooler modules (TEC).

pdf icon Definition of Terms for Thermoelectric Cooler Module Datasheets

pdf icon Optimising Thermoelectric Cooler Modules in a System

How to Fit a Thermoelectric Module

This guide describes the process of mounting a thermoelectric module (TEM) for use in a system. Considerations for mounting cooler (TEC) and generator (TEG) modules are outlined along with more general tips for achieving the maximum potential from your device.

How to Fit a Thermoelectric Module- RS DesignSpark Article

How to Use the TEG Module Data Sheets

Visit our TEG module product page and you will see a wide range of modules with various physical dimensions and electrical performance characteristics. Select any module and you will see the option to click on “ Data Sheet “ at the bottom of the page. Open up the data sheet and you will see on page 1 a summary of the dimensions and electrical performance for that specific module. On pages 2 and 3 you will see data graphs detailing the thermal input versus electrical output parameters.

To interpret the theoretical electrical output in your scenario read across on the x-axis at the hotter temperature in your application (Th = temp hot side) then read across to the y-axis (temp cold side). You will see how each parameter changes for each different module.

Please note that TEG modules work on a modular basis, so by increasing the number of modules in an application, performance will also be increased.

How the Adaptive Energy Harvesting Kit Works

Demonstration video for the Adaptive® thermoelectric energy harvesting kit ADEH-K-A.

For more product details see product page.

What is Thermoelectric Cooling and Why Do We Use It?

Thermoelectric Cooling Overview

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