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An energy harvesting building envelope


The BASSE project (Building active steel skin) seeks to develop a building envelope considering biometrics to make the building envelope act in a similar way to nature in the way that human skin is refrigerated by a fluid; blood. Energy will be harvested by a fluid which will be circulating through the steel skin of the façade and will be stored and managed to improve the efficiency of the building.


The prototype will be based on:

  1. The integration of a heat exchanger system into a steel based envelope system such as sandwich panels (steel sheets with insulation), to act as an energy absorbent and therefore to actively and dynamically draw the energy gain from the skin.
  2. Making the captured energy available for distribution into the building as thermal energy through the integrated heat pumping system. An intelligent mechanism will also be integrated into the system to control the temperature of the steel skin and to effectively manage and distribute the gained energy.

The project aims to develop an easy product that permits a quick, simple and rapid spread of the existing renewable technologies in order to achieve the ambitious international energy commitments in terms of energy savings.

Project end date

June 2015




Please check back for the results soon!