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Products - Thermoelectric Assemblies

Adaptive® thermoelectric assemblies consist of various thermal management components.

Fans, heat sinks/ heat pipes and thermal interface materials are used in combination with thermoelectric cooler (TEC) modules to optimise cooling or heating efficiency.

All Adaptive® thermoelectric assemblies are designed and assembled in the UK using individually designed components to optimise cooling performance.

European Thermodynamics are specialists in thermoelectric temperature control of compact spaces. We work with design engineers in companies worldwide to solve their specific heat management problems. To find out more about design and development, analysis, prototyping and turnkey solutions visit our services pageor get in touch.

Our standard range of thermoelectric assemblies can be found below. Please select one of the categories below.

Thermoelectric Assemblies

       Air to air thermoelectric assemblies

       Direct to air thermoelectric assemblies