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Products - Heat Sinks

Heat sinks are passive heat exchangers used to dissipate heat and enable optimum heat transfer. Their special shape is designed to maximise surface area in order to spread heat and direct airflow as intended.

Designed by thermal management specialists, Spreadfast heat sinks are designed to provide optimum performance for particular applications. They are made from thermally conductive materials such as aluminium, copper, ceramic and even plastic.

Applications include: circular LED heatsinks and ceramic electrically isolating heatsinks with various fin shapes.

Some standard shapes and sizes are available to purchase online through RS-online or Farnell, alternatively, enquire directly with us.

Circular and square pin fin

The pin fin type, whether with square or circular shape, allows heat to enter through the base but allows the exit of the heat through an expanded surface area. Most commonly used in natural convection methods, the heat exits the heat sink in any direction and becomes exposed to the fastest possible air-speed. This results in very efficient heat removal.

Line fin

The line fin heat sink is designed with efficient air-flow in mind. Most commonly used in forced convection methods, the surface area is increased with the vertical fins and shape of the fins force airflow in a particular direction.

Heat Sinks

       Ceramic Heat Sinks

       Plastic Heat Sinks

       Natural Convection Heat Sinks

       LED Heat Sinks

       DC to DC Heat Sinks

       Heat Sink Clips

       Forced Convection Heat Sinks