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Thermoelectric Modules

       Thermoelectric Cooler Modules

       Thermoelectric Generator Modules

Energy Harvesting

       Energy Harvesting PCBs

       Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting Kit

       Energy Harvesting Solar Panel

Temperature Controllers

       JUNIOR PID Thermal Controller

       CyCLO Servo PWM Thermal Controller

       PR-59 PID Thermal Controller

Thermoelectric Assemblies

       Air to air thermoelectric assemblies

       Direct to air thermoelectric assemblies

Thermal Interface Materials

       Gap Filler Pads / Sheets

       Graphite-based Interface Materials

       Phase Change Materials

       Thermal Grease / Putty

       Thermal Tape


       PTC heating elements

       Heating assemblies

       Convection heaters

Heat Pipes

       Heat Pipes - Grooved & Sintered

       Heat Pipes - Grooved

       Heat Pipes - Screen Mesh

       Heat Pipes - Sintered

Heat Sinks

       Ceramic Heat Sinks

       Plastic Heat Sinks

       Natural Convection Heat Sinks

       LED Heat Sinks

       DC to DC Heat Sinks

       Heat Sink Clips

       Forced Convection Heat Sinks


       Axial fans


Sensor & Instrumentation

       Airflow & temperature sensing

       Embedded airflow sensing