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Products - Thermal Interface Materials

Thermal interface materials create a seamless transition from hot surface to cooling system. Cooling efficiency is maximised by choosing the most effective interface material in terms of mechanical compliance and thermal resistance.

There are several choices of interface material:

  1. Thermal grease - Silicone and non-silicone options provide different properties. These are most suited to gap distances of less than 0.15mm
  2. Gap filler pads - These are available in various thicknesses and Shore hardnesses with different material properties. Typical operational gap distances of 0.3 - 5.0mm are recommended.
  3. Graphite sheets are available in this range and provide excellent thermal conductivity properties.
  4. Phase change material - These materials are currently at the forefront of thermal material development and have been manufactured to optimise thermal conductivity and interface contact with excellent resulting thermal cooling efficiency. They are available in dispensible and sheet format.
  5. Printable interface materials - both thermal grease and phase change materials can be screen printed to ensure optimal application for excellent thermal cooling efficiency.

Thermal Interface Materials

       Gap Filler Pads / Sheets

       Graphite-based Interface Materials

       Phase Change Materials

       Thermal Grease / Putty

       Thermal Tape