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1. What temperatures are expected at the hot and cold side of the module or hot and cold side of the system (please specify)?

2. Do you have any estimate of the total heat load on the cold side?

3. Are you looking for just the thermoelectric module, or a thermoelectric assembly (i.e. thermoelectric module, heat sink, fans etc)?

4. Are there any restrictions on geometric size?

5. Are there any restrictions on electrical power, voltage or current?

6. Are you going to be doing a lot of thermal cycling of the module?

7. Do you want a sealed module (effective for humid or dusty environments?)

8. What is the effective thermal resistance of the thermal components (heat sinks etc.) that the TEC will be coupled to in your liquid/air/forced air system?
This is especially important if the other side of the module is unknown (e.g. if you know it will be in 30degC air, but you don’t know the expected heat sink temperature) If unknown, please advise on the type of hot side cooling eg. forced/ natural convection or water cooled.

9. Do you have a deadline for response?

1. What medium are you trying to heat or cool – solid, liquid or gas?

2. What is the volume of space or material requiring cooling or heating?

3. What is the ambient temperature (normal starting temperature)?

4. What is the final target temperature (temperature trying to reach)?

5. What power supply is available (volts and amps)?

6. Any dimensional limitations to the potential solution?

7. Describe the general application.

8. Do you have a deadline for response?

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