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The development of a thermoacoustic (TAG) prototype


TITAN is a feasibility study, its objective is to develop a small-scale ThermoAcoustic Generator (or TAG) prototype. Thermoacoustics (TA) is a relatively new technology which is concerned, for the purposes of TITAN, with a direct conversion of internal heat into sound. The intention is that TITAN will use this energy conversion to produce a novel TAG for useful electricity.


The fundamental of the TAG is of an adapted (thermodynamic) Stirling cycle. In practice this device will be used for capturing as much waste heat as is viable from the exhaust of marine vessels.

Project end date

March 2015




The project achieved the following:

The prototype will now undergo a small re-design to solve the leaking issue that was discovered during testing, followed by the re-testing phase. It is estimated that a working prototype will be available by August 2015.