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Heavy Duty, Dual Fuel, Demonstrator Engine Achieving Future EU Emissions Compliance with 23% Carbon Reduction


The project has been brought about by the requirement for a reliable dual fuel, diesel and natural gas (NG), engine system that meets and exceeds future EU IV+ and US 2010 legislation.


HGV operators, NG providers and EU governments have already invested many £millions to date in NG infrastructure and refueling sites. However, there has been limited uptake in the conversion of entire fleets of vehicles to natural gas.

The DUET dual-fuel system will offer customers the unique assurance that the vehicle will continue to operate normally on 100% diesel should the natural gas infrastructure fail in any way.

The avoidance of such opportunity cost (or cost-of-failure) makes dual-fuel the only option for most long-distance heavy-haulage operators. Without such operators adopting natural gas, it is doubtful that the use of natural gas as a road-fuel will grow as much as the UK and EU Governments expect in order to contribute to committed reductions in transportation carbon.

The project will also be looking at the after-treatment of exhaust gases together with the development of a heavy duty thermoelectric generator (TEG) to reach future emissions targets and seek to deliver high quality tier 1 prototype products that meet UN safety and ISO quality standards.


The aim is to develop new heavy duty dual-fuel (DF) combustion and after-treatment technologies to meet future international legislation including future Euro VI+ emissions compliance with reduced carbon footprint at acceptable cost.

The main deliverables will be a demonstration of 23% source to wheel carbon reduction relative to Euro VI HD diesel operation and development of heavy duty thermoelectric generator (TEG) to reach future emissions targets.