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We understand the meticulous process of automotive design from original concept to final production, ensuring that the safety of the vehicle is paramount. By working with us, you will benefit from our experience of working with the biggest UK and Global car manufacturers, achieving engineering excellence.

See Viper2 or Powerdriver for more information on our automotive research.

Consumer products

We know that controlling the heat of electronic hardware is essential to your product to ensure maximum usage and so it is safe for consumer use. We have worked with some of the leading household brands from initial designs through to the supply of components.

For more information, visit client projects.


Designing, constructing, manufacturing, repairing and maintaining vessels is long and complex work. We can assist with our specialist knowledge and experience in the industry to deliver accurate results and share our know-how, including research into novel technologies for marine applications such as thermoacoustics.

For more information, see the TITAN project.

Lab & Medical

Reliable and accurate equipment is of upmost importance in this field, we are working on industry-leading technology to create maximum efficiency cooling equipment.

For more information, visit client projects.


Repair and maintenance is an extremely important area of Aerospace, we are working on technologies to reduce the cost and improve the process of this essential procedure.

See the Samulet II project for more information.


With an ever-increasing need to use the most innovative and industry-leading technology, the military have relied on us for thermal engineering solutions and bespoke components.

For more information, visit client projects.


In ever-changing telecommunications industry, working with an innovative thermal management company will ensure that your systems are up-to-date in-line with your industries technological developments.

See the MaxCOP project for more information.


Supporting companies to create solutions that support safer, more efficient and "greener" practices by improving processes and maintenance procedures.

See the Interests project for more information.