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Products / Thermoelectric Assemblies / Air to air thermoelectric assemblies

Air-to-air thermoelectric cooling assemblies are compact devices that can be used to cool down localised environments through convection.

Heat is pumped from one side of the thermoelectric assembly (i.e. cold side) by thermoelectric modules and dissipated from the other side of the assembly (i.e. hot side) to the environment through the use of heat sinks and highly efficient DC fans.

Air to air coolers have been designed with a modular approach in mind whereby ‘building blocks’ of coolers can be fitted to the technical cabinet units of 50 / 100 / 200W cooling blocks to achieve the cooling requirement in mind. Voltage inputs of 12 / 24 and 48V DC are available.

Ingress protection levels of IP65 are achievable making them particularly useful for harsh environments.


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