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Introducing SPITFIRE PROJECT: Transforming Clean Cooking in Sub-Saharan Africa


In many parts of Sub-Saharan Africa, the traditional methods of cooking—open fires and charcoal stoves—pose significant health risks, contribute to deforestation, and are economically burdensome for families and institutions. The Spitfire Project Is committed at transforming this landscape with our innovative clean-cookstove technology.

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Empowering Communities with Spitfire Project Clean-Cooking Project


The Spitfire Project is dedicated to changing this reality with our clean-cookstove initiative, which aims to provide affordable, sustainable, and health-conscious cooking solutions.

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From Concept to Field: Inside Atlas Project's Journey to Sustainable Farming


Embarking on a journey that transcends mere innovation, the Atlas project represents a profound shift in the agricultural landscape, illuminating the path towards sustainable farming practices.

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Cooling the Future: Exploring SYNTECS Technology in Heat Pipe and Vapor Chamber Systems


In an increasingly interconnected world driven by technological advancements, the demand for efficient thermal management solutions has never been greater. Enter the SYNTECS Project, a groundbreaking initiative that is exploring the potential of laser surface texturing technology in heat pipe and vapor chamber systems.

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Breaking Ground: The Impact of Atlas Project on Agricultural Sustainability


In the vast expanse of agricultural landscapes, the Atlas Project is breaking ground in more ways than one. With a steadfast commitment to sustainability, this pioneering initiative is reshaping the future of farming and leaving an indelible mark on the quest for environmental stewardship. Let's explore the profound impact of the Atlas Project on agricultural sustainability and the transformative journey it embodies.

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From Concept to Reality: The Journey of the Hydrogen Fuel Cell-Powered Hilux


In the ever-evolving landscape of automotive technology, innovation is key to driving progress towards a greener, more sustainable future. The journey of the hydrogen fuel cell-powered Hilux pickup exemplifies the power of innovation and collaboration in turning concepts into reality.

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Revolutionising Automotive Efficiency: The Hilux Project Unveiled


In a world where sustainability is paramount, the automotive industry is continually seeking innovative solutions to reduce emissions and enhance energy efficiency. Toyota, a pioneer in sustainable mobility, has embarked on an ambitious endeavour The Hilux Project.

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Innovation in Motion: European Thermodynamics Partners with Toyota for Sustainable Mobility


The pursuit of sustainable mobility requires collaborative efforts and innovative solutions from industry leaders across various sectors. In a groundbreaking partnership, European Thermodynamics Limited has joined forces with Toyota to drive progress in sustainable transportation.

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Heat Unleashed: Albatross Project's Unveiling of Breakthroughs in EV Thermal Management


In the rapidly evolving landscape of electric vehicles (EVs), the Albatross Project emerges as a harbinger of change, unveiling groundbreaking innovations in the realm of EV thermal management.

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Efficiency Unleashed: Albatross Project's Breakthroughs in Automotive Thermal Management


In the ever-evolving world of electric vehicles (EVs), the quest for efficiency is paramount. The Albatross Project emerges as an inventor, achieving remarkable breakthroughs in the realm of automotive thermal management.

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European Thermodynamics Limited Unveils Ambitious


European Thermodynamics Limited (ETL), a leading provider of bespoke thermal management solutions, proudly announces that the company has been awarded a grant under the new ‘Pivot into Space’ programme being run by Midlands Aerospace Alliance and funded by the UK Space Agency.

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Driving Towards Zero Emissions: Toyota's Hydrogen-Powered Hilux Prototype


In a bold move towards zero-emission transportation, Toyota, in collaboration with European Thermodynamics Limited and industry leaders, has unveiled a prototype hydrogen fuel cell-powered Toyota Hilux pickup.

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Sparking Change: The Spitfire Project's New Year Revolution in Cooking


As we embark on a new year filled with resolutions, hopes, and fresh starts, the Spitfire Project stands as a beacon of change, especially in how we approach cooking and sustainability.

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In the Heat of Innovation: Albatross Project's Impact on Battery Pack Lifetime


As electric vehicles (EVs) race towards a sustainable future, the Albatross project emerges as an inventor in the pursuit of extending battery pack lifetime.

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Kirigami-inspired organic and inorganic film-based flexible thermoelectric devices with built-in heat sink


European Thermodynamics Limited are thrilled to announce the publication of our academic research alongside Imperial College London and Queen Mary University of London.

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Revolutionising Agriculture: The Atlas Project's Quest for Sustainable Farming


In the ever-evolving landscape of agriculture, the need for sustainable and innovative technologies has become paramount.

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Promoting Health and Sustainability through the Power of Cleaner Cookstoves


In this blog post, we will explore the compelling benefits of cleaner cookstoves and how they are making a positive impact on communities around the world.

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Cooling the Drive: Albatross Project Innovates to Transform EV Thermal Management


The Albatross Project is at the forefront of this endeavours, focusing on innovative solutions to revolutionise how EVs handle heat during operation, with the ultimate goal of enhancing efficiency and sustainability.

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European Thermodynamics Limited Embarks on a New Journey


European Thermodynamics Limited, a pioneering company in the specialised field of thermal management, is pleased to announce an exciting new chapter in its remarkable journey of innovation and transformation.

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Greening the Fields: ETL's Thermoelectric Devices in Sustainable Farming


In the dynamic landscape of agriculture, the call for sustainability echoes louder than ever.

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Revolutionising Cooking with Clean and Improved Cookstoves


The SPITFIRE project, led by European Thermodynamics LTD (ETL), is at the forefront of innovation, aiming to address these challenges with its clean and improved cookstove technology.

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Future-Ready Thermal Solutions: European Thermodynamics and SYNTECS Project Collaboration


European Thermodynamics Limited (ETL) is forging the path to future-ready thermal solutions through its dynamic collaboration with the SYNTECS project.

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Fuelling the Future: Atlas Project's Sustainable Agriculture Revolution


In the quest for a sustainable future, agriculture stands at the forefront of innovation.

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Distributing Cleaner Cookstoves: A Path to a Healthier and More Sustainable Future


In this blog, we'll explore why this initiative is so important and how cleaner cookstoves can make a difference.

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Toyota Reveals British-Built Hydrogen Fuel Cell-Powered Hilux Prototype, in Collaboration with European Thermodynamics Limited and Industry Leaders


Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd has reached a ground-breaking milestone in its pursuit of zero-carbon emissions, proudly unveiling a prototype hydrogen fuel cell-powered Toyota Hilux pickup.

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AdaptiveTE MiniatureTEM for Laser and Optoelectronics Markets


We are happy to announce our new range of thermoelectric modules - The MiniatureTEM Series.

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The New AdaptiveTE Website is Live!


We are excited to announce our new AdaptiveTE website, which is now live! Please visit us at www.adaptiveTE.com.

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SYNTECS: New Project with Fraunhofer IWS


ETL announces an exciting new project called SYNTECS led by Fraunhofer IWS.

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ETL partners with Toyota in Hilux FC project


European Thermodynamics Ltd is a consortium member in Hilux FC project with Toyota.

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ETL supports CNHI in ATLAS project


European Thermodynamics will support CNHI in development, prototyping, scaling of thermoelectric devices and systems for demonstration.

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SPITFIRE: New R&D Project Announcement


European Thermodynamics’ project SPITFIRE has been selected to be funded.

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Careers: Research Scientist and Analytical Technician Roles


We are looking for a Research Scientist and Analytical Technician to join our team!

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MIUS-TEC Project Funded Under Aerospace Up, ERDF Programme


MIUS-TEC (Material Improvement for Up Scaling Thermo-Electric Coolers) will focus on making material improvements to the thermoelectric n-type semiconductor material for coolers.

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KiriTEG Project - A Novel, Flexible and Lightweight Thermoelectric Device


European Thermodynamics is excited to share the news of a successful and fruitful collaboration with Queen Mary University of London in the KiriTEG project (funded by Innovate UK).

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Dr Richard Tuley awarded with a Future Leaders Fellowship


European Thermodynamics is excited to share the news that Dr Richard Tuley has been awarded a Future Leaders Fellowship.

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Sale! - PR-59 Temperature Controller at an Unbeatable Price !


We have allocated a limited number of high performance PR-59 Thermal Controllers to a low priced sales event !

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New! - Thermally Conductive Dispensable Silicone-free Gap Filler, up to 7.5W/m∙K


This highly conformable and thermally conductive compound is a high performance, one component, dispensable silicone-free compound.

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Adaptive® High Temperature Cycling Peltier Cooler Modules


We have updated our APHC product data sheets and web page to provide more information to help you choose the correct temperature cycling Peltier module for your requirements.

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New question about TEGs on our FAQ page


We've updated our FAQ page with a new popular question about TEGs

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Efficient energy harvesting for low power automotive devices


With increasingly more electronics being designed into the car, a reliable, cost-effective source of power is often a barrier to successful design for IoT systems.

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Updated guide published on RS DesignSpark: How to fit a thermoelectric module in a system


We have updated our guide published on RS Designspark

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ETL are exhibiting at Electrification Europe on 16-17 October 2019


Come and see us in the startup village at Electrification Europe 2019

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Congratulations to our Research Engineer, Dr Kasia Placha, on achieving her PhD


European Thermodynamics Research Engineer achieves her PhD

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Automotive Thermal Management - Electric Vehicles


Summer brings with it challenges in maintaining optimum temperature in electric vehicles and in the charging infrastructure.

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Technical Reference - Thermoelectric Cooling


Are you curious about what thermoelectric (or Peltier) cooling can do for your engineering design?

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New Technical Diagnostics Contact Form


We have a new technical diagnostics questionnaire on our website to better help our customers with enquiries.

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Electricity generation to power future space missions


ETL work with UK scientists to generate electricity for future space missions

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New Spreadfast High Performance Aluminium Heat Sinks from European Thermodynamics


New range of heat spreaders for high-performance applications.

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New Spreadfast DC to DC Aluminium Heat Sinks from European Thermodynamics


New range of heat spreaders for DC to DC applications.

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Updates to Adaptive® JUNIOR thermal controller


The JUNIOR PWM thermal controller has had a software, user guide and application note update

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New thermal management brochure


New, thermal management engineering brochure available to download from our website

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European Thermodynamics closing for Christmas holidays


Seasons Greetings - we are closed for the holidays from 2pm on the 21st December returning on Wednesday 2nd January

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Scientific paper published on new technique for bonding thermoelectric material to metallic interconnect


A new technique for bonding thermoelectric materials to metals is evaluated in this scientific paper published in materials open access journals mdpi.com

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Our ISO9001 Certificate is Updated


New ISO9001 2001-2015 certificate published

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Article: Automotive thermal management


Automotive thermal management engineering design considerations for the future

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International Conference of Thermoelectrics


European Thermodynamics will be at the International Conference of Thermoelectrics 1-5 July 2018

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The workshop has a new CNC Lathe installed


New CNC Lathe in workshop.

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Adaptive® CyCLO Servo PWM Thermal Controller Quick Setup Video


Here is a short video explaining how to set up the CyCLO thermal controller

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New Phase Change Thermal Interface Material from GCS


New: Thermally Conductive Dispensible PCM Interface Paste, 3.5W/m.K.

Key features: non-toxic, dispensable, thixotropic formula. Used to establish full thermal contact in electronics thermal management.

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New Warehouse Opens in Market Harborough


European Thermodynamics has opened a new warehouse down the road in Market Harborough, Leicestshire, UK

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ECOCHAMPS Project Final Event in Amsterdam


ECOCHAMPS Project Final Event in Amsterdam on 12th April 2018

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DUET Project Q3 Update


DUET Project - Heavy Duty, Dual Fuel, Demonstrator Engine Achieving Future EU Emissions Compliance with 23% Carbon Reduction, Q3 update

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Automotive Energy Harvesting - Technical Paper Published


Technical paper entitled: Automotive Power Harvesting / Thermoelectric Applications is published in Thermoelectric Materials and Devices, published by the Royal Society of Chemistry

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VIPER2 project publicity in Autocar magazine


VIPER2 project appears in Autocar magazine

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JOSPEL System Demonstration


Explaining the prototype development of a new energy optimising climate control system for electric vehicles.

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Press Release: NEW - Adaptive® Thermoelectric Temperature Controllers


NEW Adaptive® JUNIOR and CyCLO Thermoelectric Controllers for Precise Temperature Control

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New European Thermodynamics Website Search


The European Thermodynamics website has a new search functionality.

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Congratulations Mark Cooper-Robbins MPhil


Mark Cooper-Robbins graduated recently from Cardiff University with his Masters of Philosophy (MPhil)

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New GCS Thermal Interface Gap Filler Products Now Available


NEW GCS Thermal Interface Gap Filler Products Now Available

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CoACH Thermoelectric Materials Research Project - New Video


A new video has been produced explaining the work that we are doing on the CoACH thermoelectric materials research project

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New Thermal Grease/Putty from Global Component Sourcing


New Thermal Grease/Putty from Global Component Sourcing

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New Adaptive® High Temperature, Power Generation (TEG) Modules


New Adaptive® High Temperature, Energy Harvesting, Power Generation (TEG) Modules

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What is Thermoelectric Cooling and Why Do We Use It?


What is thermoelectric cooling? Thermoelectric assemblies and their applications.

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Adaptive® Energy Harvesting Kit Demo Video


Demonstration video for the Adaptive® thermoelectric energy harvesting kit

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R & D Project HunTER has finished


HunTER - High Efficiency Thermoelectric Cooling R&D Project Finishes

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Adaptive® Energy Harvesting Products Available at AdaptiveTE.com


The Adaptive® thermoelectric energy harvesting range is now available to buy directly from the UK

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Scientific Research Paper Published: ZT Optimisation - An Application Focus


New scientific research paper published into why average thermoelectric figure of merit (ZT) as well as peak ZT should be considered when researching improvements to thermoelectric materials.

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Enhanced Energy Harvesting Project Update Q7


The Enhanced energy harvesting project is progressing towards final prototype to be used for
aerospace and automotive applications

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How To Fit a Thermoelectric Module - A Guide


The guide contains considerations for mounting cooler and generator modules, along with more general tips for achieving the maximum potential from your device.

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How To Install a Thermoelectric Assembly - A Guide


This guide covers general guidance and 'good practice' for the installation of a thermoelectric assembly. It is suitable for the range of Adaptive thermoelectric assemblies but the general guidelines can be applied to other brands.

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Products now available on Amazon


A new range of ETDYN products is now available on Amazon.

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HunTER project reaches three quarter stage


Synthesis of doped p-type BixSb2-xTe3 materials including nano-inclusions is progressing with a decision on which composition option to be taken forward

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Enhanced Project Update Q6


Initial n- and p-type materials have been created for printing trials which have been carried out successfully

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Hunter project reaches halfway stage


Update on the Hunter project at the halfway stage.

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Determination Project Update


Project update as Determination reaches the final quarter.

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ElectroTEG Final Results


It was technically very challenging with a core objective of creating thick film electrodeposited n- and p-type materials exhibiting the necessary level of geometric control, surface characteristics, adhesion to substrate and thermoelectric properties that would allow progression to a viable commercial thermoelectric device.

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Enhanced Project Update


The selected marine application has been replaced by an aero application due to revised commercial considerations at Rolls-Royce.

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PRINTEG project completion


The PRINTEG project officially ended 30th November 2015, final report issued.

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HUNTER project start date announced


HUNTER project start date now officially announced as 1st April 2016

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Ceramic heat sinks launched


New range of ceramic heat sinks launch under the Spreadfast brand

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Adaptive Infisense product now available


Adaptive Infisense product now available

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DETERMINATION project gets under way


Update for DETERMINATION project start

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Enabling Technology for Space Exploration


An initiative to create new technologies for space exploration with the University of Leicester

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New products coming soon to Adaptive®!


An energy harvesting kit, a PID controller and a thermally powered wireless sensor device will be released this year.

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H2esot team succeed in the fabrication of organic thermoelectric devices


It is expected that organic thermoelectric materials will play an important role in future thermoelectric devices.

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New thermoelectric cooler modules added


15 new sealed peltier modules have been added to our Adaptive® range

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Update! All Spreadfast® heat pipes are now available through RS Components


The Spreadfast® range of heat pipes are high performance, high efficiency thermal conductors.

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Congratulations Dr Christopher Stuttle


Christopher Stuttle graduated last week from Loughborough University with his Doctorate of Philosophy

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International and European Conference on Thermoelectrics


Four researchers from European Thermodynamics presented at the conference from June 28th to July 2nd, 2015.

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New project, ENHANCED - ENergy Harvester for AutoNomous Commercial Electronic Devices


ENHANCED began with a kick-off meeting on the 12th June, attended by partners Rolls Royce (Marine) and the University of Surrey.

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The key difference between a thermoelectric cooler (TEC) module and a thermoelectric generator (TEG) module


Dr Richard Tuley explains the key difference between the modules and where they can be used.

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New EU project, JOSPEL - Technology to Improve Electric Vehicle Energy Efficiency


JOSPEL aims to develop a novel energy efficient climate control system to help reduce the energy used for passenger comfort in electric vehicles by at least 50 %.

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New project, GRAPHTED - Thermoelectric materials for waste heat recovery using Graphene


Graphted will develop thermoelectric materials and incorporate them into high temperature TEG’s

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ETDYN at the LLEP Business celebration showcase


European Thermodynamics at the showcase, aimed at businesses across Leicestershire.

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TITAN project ends


The final meeting involved the demonstration of a Thermoacoustic (TAG) prototype.

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PhD research job opportunity - Deadline extended!


The research project is with CoACH: ‘Advanced glasses, Composites And Ceramics for High growth Industries European Training Network (ETN)’

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What products can we expect to see in the near future that use thermal energy harvesting?


What products can we expect to see in the near future that use thermal energy harvesting and what needs to be taken into consideration when switching a product from a battery to a thermoelectric generator?

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Welcome to our new website!


The new site was developed with a more a user-friendly experience in mind

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What is thermal energy harvesting?


An interview with Dr. John Allen, Manufacturing Process Engineer

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Adaptive Plant demonstrator shown at Energy Harvesting 2015


There was plenty of interest in the demonstrator at the event and we look forward to developing solutions for some of the companies we spoke to.

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Kevin Simpson at Energy Harvesting 2015


The title of the presentation was: 'Thermoelectric energy harvester with integrated, robust and autonomous sensing system for harsh and hazardous environments'

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ETDYN opens the doors on another site


European Thermodynamics have opened the doors on another site at Debdale Wharf in Leicestershire.

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Innovteg project - New video


As the Innovteg project comes to an end, the partners have released a video explaining the objectives and the developments of the project.

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First prototype created for project H2esot


Itziar spent 8 days working on the prototypes develop thermoelectric materials and produce an improved thermoelectric generator.

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Advances in Energy Storage


Energy storage and energy harvesting has had a lot of interest in the last few years

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Kevin Simpson presents at the Thermoelectric Network conference


Kevin Simpson delivered a presentation on The Development of Thermoelectric Materials.

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Powerdriver project - New video


The Powerdriver project is a collaborative research initiative, partially funded by the Seventh Framework Programme

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TEMPEST Network to launch on the 26th February in Manchester


The TEMPEST network is to launch on the 26th of February 2014 in Manchester.

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InnovTEG - Important Project Deliverables Provided


In recent weeks a number of key deliverables have been generated and submitted to the EU. These cover technical, materials and engineering, aspects.

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InnovTEG - International Conference on Thermoelectrics


The project partners attended the exhibition and presentation programme within the 32nd International Conference on Thermoelectrics

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SMART Proof of Concept Award


European Thermodynamics was awarded a TSB SMART Proof of Concept

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New TSB funded project awarded - Adaptive Energy Harvesting


European Thermodynamics has been successful with an Energy Harvesting competition

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TSB Collaboration Nation Event - Screen Printed BiTe Thermoelectric Devices


TSB 'Screen Printed BiTe Thermoelectric Devices' project completed

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ETDYN continues on extended contract from the European Space Agency


ETDYN continues on extended contract from the European Space Agency

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Icarus - Key Project Deliverables Achieved


Building on the creation of an initial system specification for the waste heat generation system

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ETDYN successful with funding through DECC Advanced Energy Storage Competition


A consortium led by European Thermodynamics has been succesfully awarded funding

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Leicester University 'Space Nuclear Power Systems'


Univerisity of Leicester showcase thermoelectrics in Space Nuclear Power System

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Small/Medium Enterprises Engagement (SMEE) Programme with Coventry University


European Thermodynamics Ltd and Coventry University are engaged on an SME Engagement project

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ETDYN to receive grant from TSB Manufacturing Innovation Fund


Nearly 60 small and micro businesses are to share grant funding

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H2esot project begins


This is an EU funded Future Emerging Technologies project

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