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An inter-operable platform system for autonomous sensors and electronics using thermoelectric energy harvesting


The ENHANCED project (ENergy Harvester for AutoNomous Commercial Electronic Devices) will develop an inter-operable platform wireless system for autonomous sensors and electronics, powered by thermoelectric energy harvesting technology.


ENHANCED will combine thermal energy harvesting (thermoelectrics) with energy storage to achieve minimal power usage. The system will be specifically for marine and automotive applications with the thermoelectric generator (TEG) hot-side in contact with the vehicle or vessel exhaust. It will be based on a standard platform for a range of sensors based on a core processor with the consortium building the architecture (antenna and interconnects etc…) around this. The system is modular and interchangeable.

The innovative aspects of the project are; demonstrating a thermal energy harvesting device that can power autonomous electronics for a wide wireless network system and the ink jet printing process as a method for producing thermoelectric generators.

Project end date

May 2017




Please check back for the results soon!

More information

For more information, visit the project website.