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Thermoelectric cooler (TEC) modules are, in essence, solid-state heat pumps that operate according to the Peltier effect.

When an electrical current is supplied, the devices are capable of cooling or heating and can be thermally cycled using a multitude of electronic control methods. Alternatively, they can provide stable and precise temperature control, which for example may be used to minimize the effects of temperature coefficients on oscillator stability, reference voltages and amplifier offsets.

Thermoelectric cooler modules are ideal for applications that require active temperature control below ambient temperatures. A design engineer should consider thermoelectric cooling when a system design requires localised electronic cooling/heating with precise temperature control, high reliability, suitability for hazardous, extreme or remote environments and compact shapes and geometries.

Thermoelectric Module Statements

Thermoelectric Modules - RoHS Statement

Thermoelectric Modules - RoHS Declaration

Thermoelectric Modules - REACH SVHC Declaration

Thermoelectric Modules - REACH Statement

About Module Types

Single-Stage (SS)

Single-stage TEC modules are our most popular type of module. These operate as described and are the simplest form of thermoelectric cooler module.

Multi-Stage (MS)

Multistage thermoelectric modules are used to create higher temperature differences than single stage devices. This advantage is balanced by their lower efficiency and typically lower heat pumping capacity.

Cycling (CY)

Cycling modules are especially designed for electrical and thermal cycling. This is useful for applications that may use thermoelectric modules to achieve rapid cyclic temperature changes in applications such as lab and medical diagnostics.

High Temperature (HT)

These modules are designed specifically for use at high temperatures. Their maximum operating temperature is given in the data table on the next few pages. In order to provide TEC modules that are suitable for extended use at high temperatures and in humid environments Adaptive TEC modules have perimeter sealants included on selected module variants.


A product part number with an S at the end has a silicone sealant applied, a cost-effective means of sealing the device that protects it from moisture ingress. E means the TEC is sealed with an epoxy resin. That module will be suitable for high heat and humidity applications.

Have you already designed your thermoelectric system? See our technical reference page for advice.


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