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Products / Heat Sinks / Ceramic Heat Sinks

Heat sinks can be a cost effective method to lower the temperature of electronic devices by dissipating heat into the surrounding thermal medium.

Spreadfast® ceramic heat sinks are made from alumina (Alâ‚‚O₃), a ceramic material that is electrically insulating but thermally conductive. Thisallows the sink to be used as an assembly plate for either printed electronics or direct attachment of power components.

A low thermal resistance means that heat can be effectively transferred away from source. Spreadfast® ceramic heat spreader products have thermal resistances in the range of 4.3 to 58.3°C/W and come in a variety of sizes and fin types.

Fin Types

Circular and square pin fin

The pin fin type, whether with square or circular shape, allows heat to enter through the base but allows the exit of the heat through an expanded surface area. Most commonly used in natural convection methods, the heat exits the heat sink in any direction and becomes exposed to the fastest possible air speed. This results in very efficient heat removal.

Line fin

The line fin heat sink is designed with efficient air flow in mind. Most commonly used in forced convection methods, surface area is increased with the vertical fins and shape of the fins force airflow in a particular direction.


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