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Why us?

Our mission is to provide a full service, from initial problem definition through to the supply of high performance thermal components and systems. This includes mechanical design, thermal analysis, prototyping and production.


The team design, analyse and test all components using the latest software and machinery to ensure that client performance requirements are consistently achieved.

Mechanical design

From an initial concept, we can produce technical mechanical drawings and designs for thermal elements. Our mechanical engineering team are specialists in the area of thermal management and all designs are complemented by the use of thermal simulation to determine the performance and efficiency of the component under various conditions.


We have a team of skilled CAD designers that can help you visualise your idea or concept from a simple sketch into a mechanical design to ensure that all components fit and will work together correctly. We use SolidWorks to produce our designs but CAD drawings and performance data can be sent in any format necessary. We can also take your model and simplify it for simulation purposes to resolve any geometric issues, saving time and money for simulations.

Thermal analysis

We offer the following types of thermal analysis:


  • Our workshop has an environmental test chamber to simulate the temperature and humidity conditions to which machinery, materials, devices or components might be exposed. Our test chamber is a Heraeus Vötsch HC-4057 chamber which is capable of simulating temperature conditions between -40 to +180C with RH of up to 95%.
  • We can conduct airflow and temperature monitoring.

Thermal analysis is used to determine how the physical and chemical properties of a substance change as a function of temperature during a temperature controlled program and undertaking proper simulations and analysis at the beginning of a project ensures that potentially costly mistakes are identified as soon as possible, the process may unlock further potential for the project and issues identified are usually easily amended.

We can take your model and simplify it for simulation purposes and resolve any geometric issues saving time and money for simulations. Analysis and CFD simulations are carried out on our dedicated HPC cluster computer server. Parallel processing enables us to carry out and solve very large and complex thermo-fluids problems and get results in relatively short periods. The computing power is backed up by dedicated thermal management test facilities that we use to verify our simulations.

Stress analysis

We can offer the following types of stress analysis:


Stress analysis can be used to determine how a component may perform under stresses such as vibration or force, performance data will be provided for analysis work that is undertaken.

Embedded electronics

Embedded electronics systems can be created from design to supply for a variety of applications such as temperature or speed controls for a fan. Our skilled in-house electronics team can take an idea or a concept from design through to production with strict testing, ensuring that all performance requirements are met throughout the process. Our software and systems design capabilities include -


We are heavily investing and broadening our design and manufacturing capabilities in both hardware and software systems, gaining invaluable expertise with the aim to become completely autonomous creating innovative and user-friendly products with outstanding reliability and quality.

Our current embedded electronics product development is focused on; power, thermal, sensing and energy harvesting resulting off-the-shelf and evaluation/prototype solutions. We are continually advancing design and manufacturing capabilities to ensure that we maintain a competitive position within the industry.


Our in-house workshop can build, test and provide performance data for any thermal component prototype, we can then work together with you to analyse performance and engineer the best solution for your requirements.



The workshop machinery includes two CNC machines. In May 2018 we took delivery of the CNC lathe. Part-funded by a Leicestershire Business Growth grant, this lathe will allow us to produce more complex thermal components both for prototyping and small production runs.