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Cooling the Drive: Albatross Project Innovates to Transform EV Thermal Management


As the electric vehicle (EV) landscape continues to evolve, addressing thermal management challenges becomes increasingly crucial for ensuring optimal performance and longevity. The Albatross Project is at the forefront of this endeavours, focusing on innovative solutions to revolutionise how EVs handle heat during operation, with the ultimate goal of enhancing efficiency and sustainability.

The Significance of Thermal Management in EVs:

Efficient thermal management is a critical factor in ensuring the longevity and optimal functioning of electric vehicle systems. Albatross Project recognises the importance of managing heat generated during operation as EVs strive to meet the growing demands of consumers. The project is dedicated to introducing transformative solutions that go beyond conventional cooling methods.

Collaboration for Success:

With a collaborative effort involving 21 organisations from 10 countries, the Albatross Project brings together a diverse range of expertise to explore innovative approaches to thermal management. The collaborative nature of the project ensures a comprehensive exploration of potential solutions that can contribute to the robust development and implementation of advanced thermal management strategies in EVs.

Anticipated Impact on EV Technology:

As the project progresses, there is growing anticipation regarding the transformative impact of its thermal management innovations on the electric vehicle landscape. By addressing thermal management challenges head-on, the project aims to enhance EV performance, improve energy efficiency, and contribute to the overall sustainability of electric transportation.


The project's commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in electric vehicle technology. As the project advances, it aspires to set new standards for thermal management in EVs, fostering a future where efficient cooling solutions drive the success of sustainable electric transportation.

European Thermodynamics Limited (ETL) Projects

European Thermodynamics Limited (ETL) plays a crucial role in the Albatross Project, offering specialised expertise in solid-state semiconductor thermoelectric generator units. Their contribution focuses on embedded thermal component analysis and optimising combined thermal systems. In the landscape of thermal management solutions, ETL's involvement adds practical insights and industry-specific knowledge to the project. Their proficiency aids in refining existing technologies without overshadowing the broader collaborative efforts. As a valued partner, ETL ensures that the thermal management solutions developed within the Albatross Project are not only innovative but also aligned with real-world applications, striking a balance between cutting-edge advancements and practical feasibility.