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Congratulations to our Research Engineer, Dr Kasia Placha, on achieving her PhD


Image showing Katarzyna and CoACH project collaborator colleagues.

Our Research Engineer, Dr Katarzyna Placha, has achieved her PhD in 'Modelling and Constructing Devices, Including Innovative Joining of High Temperature Thermoelectric Modules' using a special group of semiconductor materials called skutterudites (CoSb₃-based).

The research* is looking into innovative joining and manufacturing techniques for attaching semiconductors to high temperature thermoelectric modules so that performance is maximised and cost and environmental impact are minimised.

Congratulations to Katarzyna from everyone at European Thermodynamics.

To read more about Katarzyna's research visit her Researchgate page.

*in collaboration with Politecnico di Torino, Universite de Rennes and Nanoforce Technology Limited as part of the CoACH project.