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Greening the Fields: ETL's Thermoelectric Devices in Sustainable Farming


In the dynamic landscape of agriculture, the call for sustainability echoes louder than ever. The intersection of cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly practices finds a home in the Greening the Fields movement, led by the collaborative efforts of European Thermodynamics Limited (ETL). The aim is to delve into the transformative role of ETL's thermoelectric devices in cultivating a greener and more sustainable future for agriculture.

The Symphony of Sustainability: Atlas Project's Vision

At the heart of the Greening the Fields initiative is the Atlas Project, a visionary endeavours backed by the Advanced Propulsion Centre's APC21 round. Focused on advancing vehicle propulsion technology, the project is set to redefine the way farming operates. A 199kW engine, powered by a high-energy-density fuel storage system utilising cryogenic liquid methane, becomes the harbinger of change in sustainable agriculture.

ETL's Symphony: Integrating Thermoelectric Harmony

Driving the melody of sustainability within the Atlas Project, renowned for its expertise in solid-state semiconductor thermoelectric generator units (TEGs). Their contribution involves integrating these units into the tractor's exhaust system, orchestrating a harmonious dance between technology and environmental consciousness. The goal is clear to enhance the energy efficiency of agricultural machinery and sow the seeds of a greener tomorrow.

Harvesting Sustainability: ETL's Deliverables

The Greening the Fields initiative is more than just a promise; it's a commitment to tangible deliverables that resonate with sustainability:

  1. Unique TEG Energy Recovery System: ETL's integration of thermoelectric devices promises a bespoke TEG energy recovery system, optimising energy usage in tractors and contributing to reduced environmental impact.
  2. Validation in Real-World Conditions: Rigorous testing of TEGs in challenging off-road environments ensures their resilience, proving their practicality and durability on the fields.
  3. Data-Driven Insights: Comprehensive data from validation activities, both on benches and in the field, provide valuable insights into the performance and reliability of thermoelectric devices.
  4. Production Process Enhancements: The project aims to not only introduce innovative technologies but also improve production processes, ensuring a secure and sustainable supply of thermoelectric devices through local manufacturing.

Cultivating Green Innovation: Beyond Agriculture

While Greening the Fields focuses on sustainable farming practices, the impact of ETL's thermoelectric devices reaches far beyond the fields. These devices hold the potential for applications in various sectors, including medical, oil, and gas, showcasing the versatility of sustainable technologies beyond the agricultural landscape.


Greening the Fields isn't just a project; it's a symphony of sustainability orchestrated by the Atlas Project and ETL. As the integration of thermoelectric devices takes centre stage, the agricultural landscape is poised for a transformative journey toward eco-friendliness and efficiency. Stay tuned as we witness the fields turning greener, not just with crops but with the promise of a sustainable and innovative future driven by technology and a commitment to the environment.

European Thermodynamics

Here at European Thermodynamics Limited are working on projects that help the UK towards a net zero future: Hilux FC Project and ATLAS Project.

The Hilux FC project is part of a £73 million investment for green collaborative research and development which brings together a consortium of industry leaders in which we will assist in developing a hydrogen fuel-cell Hilux in the UK.

Additionally, we are supporting CNHI in the ATLAS project in which we will support with development, prototyping, and scaling of thermoelectric devices and systems for demonstration for the world's first liquid fugitive methane-powered tractor.