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New! - Thermally Conductive Dispensable Silicone-free Gap Filler, up to 7.5W/m∙K


New from European Thermodynamics

This highly conformable and thermally conductive compound is a high performance, one component, dispensable silicone-free compound. It has been developed through a Eurostars funded programme – SIGNIFICANT (http://www.significantproject.info/), with three partners - European Thermodynamics, Dycotec Materials and Abalonyx.

This one-component material can be easily dispensed to fill in variant gaps in between components with very low contact thermal resistance due to its high bulk thermal conductivity (> 5.0 W/m∙K) and superior compliant nature. It can also be applied easily to surfaces of various shapes and sizes with good adhesion at low compression force due to its high tackiness and good conformability. No silicone means no pump-out, migration, and outgassing which is essential for the silicone-sensitive applications. Its heavy paste-like consistency enables controlled dispensing, applied in variable thicknesses to suit application needs and is ideal for high volume, automated dispense processes.

Free of charge (FoC) sample is available upon request. Please click here for technical data and the available sample size.

Please email at info@etdyn.com for more information.