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European Thermodynamics Limited Embarks on a New Journey


European Thermodynamics Limited, a pioneering company in the specialised field of thermal management, is pleased to announce an exciting new chapter in its remarkable journey of innovation and transformation.

Company History and Activities

European Thermodynamics Limited, founded by experienced thermal engineers Kevin Simpson and Nick Porter, embarked on a journey of pioneering innovation in thermoelectric technology. Established in 2001, the company emerged as a pioneer driven by a commitment to push boundaries and make a lasting impact in the world of thermoelectric technology.

Their commitment to excellence, even during a year without compensation and personal financial challenges, set them apart. The company's focus on thermal management and substantial contributions to thermoelectric technology established them as leaders in the field. Their relentless pursuit of excellence and collaborative culture have shaped industries and transformed lives. Rooted in innovation, integrity, and impact, they continue to redefine possibilities and leave a lasting imprint on the world. The company would not be standing without the support of fellow engineers and partners, they are the backbone of European Thermodynamics Limited.

Location: Turnpike Close,Lutterworth

European Thermodynamics' strategic decision to move to Turnpike Close has been driven by a keen focus on operational efficiency. The location was carefully selected for several reasons:

This strategic move is poised to deliver services more effectively, enhance the customer experience, and ensure competitiveness in a dynamic marketplace.

Expansion of Services

While the move to Turnpike Close is primarily to bolster operational efficiency, it also presents opportunities for service expansion. The new premises offer the potential for:

These enhancements position European Thermodynamics Limited for long-term success and sustainability.

Working with Wells McFarlane

Working with Wells McFarlane has been a positive experience for European Thermodynamics Limited. The Wells McFarlane team has demonstrated professionalism and expertise in managing the company's properties. They have been responsive to the company's needs, ensuring that maintenance and property-related issues are promptly addressed. An additional benefit has been the flexible and supportive approach of the landlord at the new location. Their understanding of business needs and willingness to make alterations that optimize operations have enhanced the overall experience.

As European Thermodynamics Limited embarks on this new journey, the company remains committed to unlocking the potential of thermoelectric management, exceeding aspirations, and driving success for its customers, partners, and the industries it serves.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Mandeep Rai

Phone: 01162 796899 | EXT: 4026
Email: Mandeep.rai@etdyn.com

About European Thermodynamics Limited

European Thermodynamics Limited is a renowned expert in thermal management solutions, contributing its expertise to a wide range of industries. Through innovative solutions and collaborative partnerships, European Thermodynamics continues to drive progress in the field of thermal management and sustainable technology.

European Thermodynamics investment into research and development will enable the company to take advantage of novel developments in thermoelectric, improvements in thermal energy harvesting, and the latest manufacturing methods.

The company is committed to pushing the boundaries of what's achievable in the world of thermal management solutions and driving progress through innovation and dedication.