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Sustainably Driven Thermal Solutions: European Thermodynamics Shines in the SYNTECS Spotlight


Sustainably Driven Thermal Solutions: European Thermodynamics Shines in the SYNTECS Spotlight

European Thermodynamics Limited (ETL), a pioneer in high-integrity thermal solutions, proudly announces its prominent role in the SYNTECS project, a groundbreaking initiative focused on Sustainably and Digitally Driven Hierarchical Laser Texturing for Complex Surfaces.

SYNTECS, funded by the European Union's Horizon Europe Programme and Innovate UK Programme, represents a significant leap forward in thermal management solutions. At the core of the SYNTECS project is the mission to tackle challenges associated with chemical and mechanical surface treatments while developing innovative, sustainable, and digitally driven thermal solutions.

European Thermodynamics Limited's key contributions to the SYNTECS project include:

  1. Demonstration of ETL Thermal Management: ETL is at the forefront of showcasing the practical application and effectiveness of SYNTECS technology in thermal management.
  2. Exploration of the Technology for Vapor Chambers and Heat Pipes: ETL is actively exploring and enhancing technology for applications in heat pipe and vapor chamber systems, providing valuable guidance on features and structural improvements.
  3. Modelling and Development of Alternative Vapor Chambers: ETL is leveraging its expertise to model and develop alternative vapor chambers tailored for high-density applications. This initiative aims to ensure the reliability of electronics against thermal breakdown.
  4. Baseline Reference Design: ETL will establish baseline reference designs, setting benchmarks for state-of-the-art systems and guiding the development of innovative solutions within the SYNTECS project.
  5. Process Innovation Support: ETL plays a crucial role in supporting process innovation in manufacturing, exploring new methodologies to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of thermal solutions.
  6. Exploration of Foil-Based Heat Pipe Heat Spreader Plate: ETL is actively investigating the potential use of foil-based heat pipe heat spreader plates. This sustainable approach has the potential to revolutionize cooling solutions for small consumer products such as mobile phones.
  7. Testing and Characterisation: Rigorous testing and characterisation of systems using benchmark software allowing to quantify the benefits of the technology.
  8. Dissemination and Exploitation: ETL actively disseminates SYNTECS technology for thermal applications through demonstrator projects, sharing insights and innovations. Furthermore, the company provides exploitation support for the technology's implementation in vapor chambers and heat pipes.

European Thermodynamics Limited is excited to contribute to the success of the SYNTECS project and looks forward to establishing itself as an industry leader in thermal management solutions. The company remains committed to unlocking the potential of thermoelectric management, exceeding aspirations, and driving success for its customers, partners, and the industries it serves.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Mandeep Rai

Phone: 01162 796899 | EXT: 4026

Email: Mandeep.rai@etdyn.com

About European Thermodynamics Limited

European Thermodynamics Limited is a renowned expert in thermal management solutions, contributing its expertise to a wide range of industries. Through innovative solutions and collaborative partnerships, European Thermodynamics continues to drive progress in the field of thermal management and sustainable technology.

European Thermodynamics investment into research and development will enable the company to take advantage of novel developments in thermoelectric, improvements in thermal energy harvesting, and the latest manufacturing methods.

The company is committed to pushing the boundaries of what's achievable in the world of thermal management solutions and driving progress through innovation and dedication.