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European Thermodynamics Limited Advances Thermal Solutions with SYNTECS Project


European Thermodynamics Limited Advances Thermal Solutions with SYNTECS Project

European Thermodynamics Limited, a leading provider of high-integrity thermal solutions, announces its active participation in the SYNTECS project, a groundbreaking initiative funded by the European Union's Horizon Europe research and innovation programme and Innovate UK programme.

SYNTECS, short for Sustainably and Digitally Driven Hierarchical Laser Texturing for Complex Surfaces, is a collaborative effort aimed at developing and validating a flexible Laser Surface Texturing optical module. This module is designed to be compatible with interchangeable short-pulse and ultra-short-pulse laser sources, integrated into a modular machine platform with a 300x300 mm processing stage and 7-axis control.

The key objectives of the SYNTECS project include:

  1. Developing and validating a flexible Laser Surface Texturing optical module.
  2. Integrating technology modules into a TRL6 modular machine platform.
  3. Developing and demonstrating hierarchical Laser Surface Texturing processes for improved surface (multi-)functionality of industrial components.
  4. Creating an inline monitoring and control system for processing freeform/3D geometries with automatic pulse-to-pulse corrective control.

SYNTECS aims to revolutionise laser texturing by developing a digital and green approach to generate complex multifunctional surfaces. The project will result in a machine platform that enables interchangeable Direct Laser Writing (DLW), Direct Laser Interference Patterning (DLIP), and Laser Induced Periodic Surface Structuring (LIPSS). This platform will feature a multi-axis motion stage for processing complex geometries and an inline monitoring and control system.

European Thermodynamics Limited, is working as a key partner in the project, and dedicated to enhancing the design and sustainability of its vapor chamber devices through laser texturing techniques. The company's commitment to delivering high-integrity thermal solutions aligns seamlessly with SYNTECS goals.

The SYNTECS project also includes case studies focusing on applications such as complex-shaped copper vapor chambers, stainless steel mold inserts, and representative orthopedic implant geometries. The innovative solutions developed within the project have the potential for future commercialisation, positioning SYNTECS as an industry leader in thermal management solutions.

Deliverables of the SYNTECS project include the demonstration of technology for thermal management, exploration of applications in heat pipe and vapor chamber systems, guidance on heat pipe features and structure, and support for process innovation in manufacturing.

European Thermodynamics Limited is excited to contribute to the success of the SYNTECS project and looks forward to establishing itself as an industry leader in thermal management solutions. The company remains committed to unlocking the potential of thermoelectric management, exceeding aspirations, and driving success for its customers, partners, and the industries it serves.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Mandeep Rai

Phone: 01162 796899 | EXT: 4026
Email: Mandeep.rai@etdyn.com

About European Thermodynamics Limited

European Thermodynamics Limited is a renowned expert in thermal management solutions, contributing its expertise to a wide range of industries. Through innovative solutions and collaborative partnerships, European Thermodynamics continues to drive progress in the field of thermal management and sustainable technology.

European Thermodynamics investment into research and development will enable the company to take advantage of novel developments in thermoelectric, improvements in thermal energy harvesting, and the latest manufacturing methods.

The company is committed to pushing the boundaries of what's achievable in the world of thermal management solutions and driving progress through innovation and dedication.