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Adaptive Plant demonstrator shown at Energy Harvesting 2015


The Adaptive Plant demonstrators was shown this week at Energy Harvesting 2015, an event for disseminating energy harvesting advances in the UK.

There was plenty of interest in the demonstrator at the event and we look forward to developing solutions for some of the companies we spoke to.

In the images, you can see two heat sinks attached to a metal plate, the metal plate contains a thermoelectric generator which is harvesting thermal energy from the hot pipe below. The thermal energy is then converted into electricity which powers a sensor and data from the sensor is transmitted wirelessly to the laptop. The data is used to monitor the health of the pipe, it will be a valuable system in the monitoring of pipelines in the UK and Europe.

If you would like a demonstration or more information on how we can engineer the system for your specific requirements, please contact us on +(0)116 279 6899.