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Congratulations Dr Christopher Stuttle


A huge congratulations to Research Engineer, Christopher Stuttle who graduated last week from Loughborough University with his Doctorate of Philosophy. His thesis was titled: "The Electrodeposition of Tin Coatings from Deep Eutectic Solvents and their Subsequent Whisker Growth"

Chris is pictured (above) with the Vice Chancellor of Loughborough University, Robert Allison.

Chris previously obtained his postgraduate Masters in Nanoscience from Loughborough University and his undergraduate degree in Physics from Southampton University.

He is currently working on a new product which soon to be released as well as the Electroteg project, the electrodepostion of thermoelectric materials using a range of aqueous and non-aqueous electrolytes. He is focused on the development of the electrolytes and optimisation of deposition variables used during electrodeposition to create uniform, thick, and homogeneous deposits of thermoelectric materials used within thermoelectric generators (TEG's).