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CoACH Thermoelectric Materials Research Project - New Video


CoACH Thermoelectric Materials Project - Advanced glasses, Composites And Ceramics for High growth Industries

Challenge: Investigating the joining of incompatible materials and selection of effective diffusion barriers are some of the major challenges of device manufacturing in electronic industry.

Aims: The project aims to successfully identify and produce suitable material for the above challenge taking into account cost and automation requirements for industry.

This video presents all critical steps of thermoelectric modules fabrication, which are:

1. Thermoelectric material synthesis
2. Material consolidation (by Spark Plasma Sintering) in the form of discs, it’s grinding and deposition of diffusion barrier onto thermoelectric material (as electro-deposition process shown in the video)
3. Cutting the thermoelectric pellets
4. Thermoelectric device assembly (joining of thermoelectric pellets with metallic electrodes)

Video by Katarzyna Placha of Politecnico di Torino and European Thermodynamics Ltd.

For more information on the project visit our CoACH project webpage.