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Adaptive® Energy Harvesting Kit Demo Video


Ultra-low Power and Low Maintenance

Adaptive® thermoelectric generator modules are devices that convert heat (temperature differences) directly into electrical energy, using a phenomenon called the ‘Seebeck effect’.

They are capable of generating DC electricity continuously as long as there is a temperature difference applied at the two sides of the module.

Increasing the temperature difference between the two sides of the module (the hot side and the cold side), increases both the generating capacity and hence the conversion efficiency of the module.


The Adaptive® energy harvesting kit is optimised for either a very low input voltage thermoelectric generator (TEG) or a photovoltaic source.
Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technology and a high efficiency boost converter have also been added to energy harvesting PCB in the kit for optimum operation.

Applications of Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting

• Wireless sensor applications and IoT
• Low power sensing applications, especially in industrial or hazardous environments
• Autonomous monitoring e.g. data logging
• Embedded systems and wearables

Kit Contents

• Thermoelectric generator module
• Energy harvesting PCB
• Small form factor solar panel
• 2 x shunts and 6 x connectors

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Adaptive® energy harvesting products are available to buy online at www.AdaptiveTE.com and Amazon.co.uk.