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New project, ENHANCED - ENergy Harvester for AutoNomous Commercial Electronic Devices


New project Enhanced, led by European Thermodynamics began with a kick-off meeting on the 12th June at our Head Office in Kibworth, Leicestershire. Partners Rolls Royce (Marine) and the University of Surrey attended.

Enhanced – (ENergy Harvester for AutoNomous Commercial Electronic Devices) is a part-funded Innovate UK project that will develop an inter-operable wireless platform system for autonomous sensors and electronics, powered by a thermoelectric generator (TEG).

The system will be suitable for marine and automotive applications with the TEG hot side placed on the vessel or vehicle exhaust to scavenge heat.

The project will run until May 2017 and updates will be added to the project website as they happen.

For more information on the project, visit the dedicated website or our research pages.