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How To Fit a Thermoelectric Module - A Guide



We have published a guide on how to mount a thermoelectric module for use in a system. The guide covers general guidance and good practice, it is suitable for the range of European Thermodynamics' thermoelectric modules but it can be applied to other brands. The guide contains considerations for mounting cooler and generator modules, along with more general tips for achieving the maximum potential from your device.

General Guidance

Correct thermal coupling of a thermoelectric module is paramount for its function in a system, as the devices rely on thermal transfer through the module. Any limitations to the thermal transfer will cause significant performance reductions. The most common interface at which thermal losses occur are between the heat exchangers and the ceramic faces of the module; best practice for these interfaces are outlined in this document.

The first step is to mount the module in the correct direction for the application. This is important as maximum temperature specifications can often differ for each side.

To read the full guide from European Thermodynamics on How to Fit a Thermoelectric Module, go to the RS Design Spark Blog.