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New Spreadfast High Performance Aluminium Heat Sinks from European Thermodynamics


The thermal management engineering team at European Thermodynamics have designed a new range of Spreadfast cold forged aluminium heat sinks for high performance applications such as compact ball grid array (BGA) interfaces.

Spreadfast cold forged heat sinks are made from high-quality Aluminium AL1100 and have been designed in a variety of sizes and flows.

The main advantages of these natural convection cold forged heat sinks over regular aluminium heat sinks is the method of manufacture which allows higher thermal conductivity (218W/mK before the cold forging process increasing by 8-10% afterwards) and higher aspect ratio. This means that higher fin density can be achieved with higher resulting surface area.

The new heat sinks are available from us directly (minimum order quantities apply) or from RS Components (coming soon). Special designs are also available on request.

For more information:

Data Sheet

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