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New Phase Change Thermal Interface Material from GCS


New: Thermally Conductive Dispensible PCM Interface Paste, 3.5W/m.K.

Key features: non-toxic, dispensable, thixotropic formula. Used to establish full thermal contact in electronics thermal management.

New from European Thermodynamics - the latest addition to the thermal interface material range from brand Global Component Sourcing (GCS), the phase change material GCS-TRP35-PCM.

Ideally suited to fill spaces of up to 0.15mm, the GCS-TRP35-PCM phase change thermal interface material is used to fill air gaps/voids between two surfaces. This provides full thermal contact in order to cool critical electronic components, for example on a printed circuit board.

Developed and manufactured in the UK, GCS-TRP35-PCM has a thermal conductivity of 3.5W/m.K. It’s RoHS approved, non-toxic, thixotropic (non-drip) formula means no messy application.

It is available as a paste in 100g pots.

How does it work?

PCM-TRP35 Diagram

The overall thermal conductivity of an embedded system is enhanced as heat is allowed to flow through the system and disperse. This allows the electronics to function as intended.

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