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New Mini Adaptive® High Temperature, Power Generation (TEG) Modules


NEW Adaptive® High Temperature Mini Energy Harvesting Power Generation Modules Available From European Thermodynamics.

The latest additions to our product range are smaller-sized high temperature thermoelectric generator modules most suited to low power energy generation and embedded solutions.

The new mini TEGs vary in size from the smallest at 11 x 11mm to largest at 26 x 26mm. There is also a rectangular shaped 11.2 x 22mm dimensioned TEG in the product range.

Product Attributes

The main product attributes are:

Compact structure and suitability for use in a high-humidity environment.

The mini TEGS include a special sealant which allow continuous use with temperatures of up to 250°C.

As with all of our thermoelectric generator modules, these mini modules have reliable performance, are virtually maintenance-free, have noise-free operation and use low-carbon, green technology.


The mini TEGs are suitable for use in applications where there is a static heat source. Most useful for sensors and other low power electronics in most types of IoT and industrial applications.

About TEG modules

TEG modules are used to harvest energy from a heat source with a large temperature difference from the hot to the cold side of the module. The power output achieved depends on the modules selected, though several modules can be used in an array to achieve desired power output.

Power Generation and Thermal Management

For effective thermal management and therefore optimum power output, the mini modules are used with a number of different thermal management products such as low-profile heat pipes and thermal interface materials to provide effective heat flow through an assembly as well as with our energy harvesting PCBs to regulate and optimise power generation.

European Thermodynamics are leaders in the field of thermoelectrics and thermal management and work with a number of OEM companies worldwide as well as engaging in thermoelectric materials research and development.


For more information on a particular product and to download a datasheet click on the links below:

Product Name Dimensions Power Generated
MGM250-17-10-16 11 x 11mm 0.42W
MGM250-31-10-16 15 x 15mm 0.76W
MGM250-35-10-16 11.2 x 22mm 0.86W
MGM250-49-10-16 19 x 19mm 1.2W
22 x 22mm
MGM250-97-10-16 26 x 26mm 2.37W
MGM250-49-10-12HS 18 x 18mm 1.33W

Visit our products page for more information on our thermoelectric generator modules.

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