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New Adaptive® High Temperature, Power Generation (TEG) Modules


Pictured above (L to R): Energy harvesting PCB, micro energy harvesting PCB, NEW GM250-49-45-16 TEG, thermal interface material and heatsink. (Please note that images are representational only and are not to scale)

New Adaptive® High Temperature, Energy Harvesting, Power Generation (TEG) Modules - Available From European Thermodynamics.

The latest additions to our thermoelectric generator module product range are larger-sized, high temperature thermoelectric generator modules most suited to larger scale energy generation.

The products GM250-49-45-16 and GM250-49-45-25 are both square shaped TEG modules with sides of 62mm. They generate 14.07 and 15.24W of power respectively and can be used with temperatures of up to 250°C.

TEG modules are used to harvest energy from a heat source with a large temperature difference from the hot to the cold side of the module. The power output achieved depends on the modules selected, though several modules can be used in an array to achieve desired power output.

For effective thermal management and therefore optimum power output, these modules are used with a number of different thermal management products such as heatsinks and thermal interface materials to provide effective heat flow through an assembly as well as with the energy harvesting PCBs, pictured above, to regulate and optimise power generation.

European Thermodynamics are leaders in the field of thermoelectrics and work with a number of OEM companies worldwide as well as engaging in thermoelectric materials research and development.

To find out more visit our product pages (hyperlinked above) or contact us.