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New Thermal Grease/Putty from Global Component Sourcing


New Thermal Grease/Putty from Global Component Sourcing

Specifically designed for high performance heat transfer

When two surfaces need to be mounted together under mechanical pressure in a thermal management system, thermal grease/putty offers a convenient and economic heat transfer path for applications requiring thin bond lines and high performance.

The soft fluidic nature of the interface substance cold-flows into the micro-air voids and thermally couples the two surfaces.

The new products from Global Component Sourcing are exceptionally stable under environmental conditions and will not dry or pump-out over time. These materials can be dispensed, screen printed or stencilled onto a substrate to give superior thermal performance.

GCS-020-GNS Non-silicone Grease
GCS-040-GNS Non-silicone Grease
GCS-014-SM4 High Performance Thermal Silicone Grease
GCS-NSP15 Non-silicone Thermally Conductive Putty
GCS-NSP30 Non-silicone Thermally Conductive Putty

European Thermodynamics are leaders in the field of thermal management. We manufacture and supply superior thermal products and engage in thermal materials research and development.

To find out more visit our product pages (hyperlinked above) or contact us.

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