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European Thermodynamics Limited Unveils Ambitious


Leicester, UK – 09/01/2024

European Thermodynamics Limited (ETL), a leading provider of bespoke thermal management solutions, proudly announces that the company has been awarded a grant under the new ‘Pivot into Space’ programme being run by Midlands Aerospace Alliance and funded by the UK Space Agency. The SpaceTEC project focuses on resolving technical challenges in building a multi-stage cooler for space instruments to be built in the UK. Established in 2001, ETL has emerged as a key player in the development of thermoelectric technology. The company specialises in delivering tailored solutions for both low and high-volume thermal management demands.

Project Overview

The SpaceTEC project underscores European Thermodynamics Limited's commitment to pushing technological boundaries. At its core is the development, construction, and testing of a multi-stage thermoelectric device designed to meet the demanding requirements of space instruments.

The project represents a strategic move by ETL to elevate its expertise in thermal management technology, with a specific focus on advancing solutions for space instruments. The goal is to establish a commercially viable solution, scaling a high-integrity device in the UK for initial applications that demand 'security of supply.' With a limited window of opportunity due to recent supply chain disruptions, this project aims to support acceleration.

The project will run from 1st January to 31st December 2024, the project boasts ambitious objectives, including:

Project Objectives

Meticulous Project Timeline and Milestones

The SpaceTEC project unfolds through a structured sequence of milestones, encompassing the design and modelling phase, material procurement, and device development, culminating in testing and documentation completion. Key deliverables include comprehensive reports on the design, metallisation, materials tuning, and testing, alongside the creation of preliminary data sheets for wider dissemination.

Publicity and Engagement:

The project has garnered support from industry leaders, and ETL is strategically promoting its initiative by participating in relevant events. Platforms such as the Midlands Aerospace Alliance and the UK Space Agency will be leveraged to amplify project visibility. Additionally, a dedicated news article on the ETL website will spotlight the project's achievements, creating a seamless link for broader outreach.

Future Exploitation and Market Engagement

Beyond the project's immediate scope, ETL is committed to active engagement with the space sector. Plans include generating preliminary data sheets and reliability reports tailored for space instruments. Anticipating technological success, ETL plans to scale its technology into low-medium volume markets. Initial validation efforts within optoelectronics, 5G, and LIDAR sectors will strategically position ETL for potential high-volume production. The company is actively exploring the potential spin-off of its TEC device manufacturing, with a dedicated company pre-registered and domain names secured.

Sector Engagement Plan

A comprehensive dissemination plan has been outlined to ensure that project outcomes, including data sheets, reports, and valuable lessons learned, reach not only the targeted audience within the space sector but resonate beyond. This commitment aligns with ETL's dedication to sharing technological achievements and insights with a wider community.

The Space TEC project is not merely a technological leap; it signifies ETL's commitment to innovation, reliability, and long-term business value. As the company embarks on this exciting journey, stakeholders, partners, and the wider community are invited to follow its progress and share in the success of this pioneering endeavour.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Mandeep Rai

Phone: 01162 796899
Email: Mandeep.rai@etdyn.com

About European Thermodynamics Limited:

European Thermodynamics Limited, headquartered in Kibworth, Leicester, is a privately owned company founded in 2001. Renowned for its bespoke thermal management solutions, ETL is dedicated to advancing technology in the field of thermal management and contributing to the success of industries requiring precision and reliability. With a rich history of innovation, the company is dedicated to advancing technology in thermal management and contributing to the success of industries requiring precision and reliability.