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TEMPEST Network to launch on the 26th February in Manchester


The TEMPEST network (ThermoElectric Materials, Physics, Electronics and SysTems) is to launch on the 26th of February 2014 in Manchester.

The network has been set up by European Thermodynmaics and the University of Manchester, with support from NanoKTN and funded through the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

The TEMPEST Network will serve as a focal point by bringing together individuals in different disciplines to define and address the considerable research challenges presented in realising the potential offered by thermoelectrics. The initial membership of the Network will include 13 universities (representing Physics, Chemistry, Materials and Engineering disciplines), the National Physical Laboratory, 7 industrial partners covering all aspects of the Thermoelectric module design and manufacture supply chain, plus a large number of end users. In total over 32 individual organisations will be represented.

The network has been set up as a result of a position paper entitled Why the UK Should Invest in Thermoelectrics & the Role of Nanotechnology - a Position Paper . Developed to advise government, the paper recommended that a UK network be set up with a ‘UK Roadmap’ for the development of thermoelectric materials and systems with UK government research funding initiating new research programmes to develop materials, devices and systems that meet existing industrial and commercial needs in thermoelectricity.

See the full article here.