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Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting Kit

Adaptive Power Management

The Adaptive® energy harvesting kit is optimised for either a very low input voltage thermoelectric generator (TEG) or a photovoltaic source. Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technology and a high efficiency boost converter have also been added to energy harvesting board in the kit for optimum operation.

Kit Contents

Each thermoelectric energy harvesting kit contains:

1 x Energy Harvesting Board ADEH-P-A
1 x Solar Panel ADEH-PD-A
1 x Thermoelectric Power Generation Module B ADPD-B
2 x Shunts
6 x Connectors


The energy harvesting kit has been sectioned to allow for three independent functions:

  1. Ultra low power TEG power harvester with storagecapacitor and MPPT control
  2. Low power photovoltaic with MPPT control
  3. Low loss OR-ing power rail controller


There are many uses for the kit, for example:

Features –Energy Harvesting Kit

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