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Products / Thermoelectric Modules / Mini Thermoelectric Generator Modules

In our increasingly connected world, there is a demand for ultra-low power energy generation from natural or waste energy sources.

Thermoelectric generators (TEGs) generate electricity from a temperature difference with no moving parts using the Seebeck effect.

Most energy losses are lost in heat and most heat sources are static. Today, thermoelectric technology works best where the power output required is up to 70W. This is suitable for sensors and other low power electronics in most types of industrial applications.

Benefits of Adaptive® Thermoelectric Generators

Low maintenance - solid state thermoelectric construction means high reliability with virtually no maintenance required.

High efficiency - high specification products mean that energy is harvested from natural or waste heat sources and converted for use with virtually no loss of energy.

High temperatures - thermoelectric modules work with max. temp. of up to 250°C, the modules can generate up to 4W of power each.

Compact and lightweight- when used with micro-module PCBs the thermoelectric devices are suitable for embedded system applications.

Scaleable applications- modular design means that the thermoelectrics can be configured to harvest larger amounts of energy when required.


Thermoelectric components can be used in a wide range of applications, from temperature measurement in hazardous environments to energy recycling in automotive markets.


Our range of Mini TEGs can be found on the Thermoelectric Generator Modules page.