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Adaptive Plant

A battery-less wireless sensor for use in harsh and hazardous environments


The Adaptive Plant project will develop a battery-free wireless sensor platform for monitoring plant and process parameters in harsh/hazardous environments. The sensor node is powered by harvested thermoelectric power using the latest commercially available technologies and the core sensor module will be connected to low power sensor components to take measurements.


The core harvester sensor node is designed to generate 25mW of electrical power with a 0.5% overall thermal efficiency and store the unused electrical energy in a buffer which allows part of the sensor system with higher power consumption requirements – the wireless transmitter particularly- to operate seamlessly in burst mode.

The system will be designed to be compatible for typical applications where measurements such as pressure, flow rate, temperature and vibration monitoring are necessary. It will have the ability transmit the data to a central database from nodes at different geographical locations limited to <1km distance.

Project end date

November 2014




More information

For more information please e-mail: info@etdyn.com