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The development of a thermochemical energy storage pumping pipe


The project aims to develop a high-performance thermochemical energy storage pumping pipe (TESPP) system using off-peak power and renewable sources to minimise energy demands from fossil fuels. The TESPP system is based on the application of a unique adsorption heat pipe which incorporates a reactor section (adsorbent bed) and condenser/evaporator refrigerant section.


This configuration would improve the heat transfer and enhance the overall performance of the energy storage system. The heat pipes can be charged using a vapour compression heat pump. Off-peak power electricity and renewable energy sources such as wind can be used to power the heat pump. Ambient or ground energy can be used as a heat source for the heat pump. A range of adsorbent materials including zeolites and nano-composite adsorbent materials and water can be used the working media.

Whilst the development of TESPP is technology driven from an advanced materials perspective, the delivery of a viable TESPP also synergistically addresses challenge led issues.

Project end date

July 2014




Results coming soon!

More information

For more information, please e-mail: info@etdyn.com