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Developing nano-structured thermoelectric materials for solar panels


The aim of the INNOVTEG project is to create nano-structured thermo-electric materials based on (low cost and abundant) sulphur with carefully controlled structure and properties. By doing this our consortium will create a step-change in the application of thermo-electric technologies for large-scale solar renewable applications in the EU by developing thermo-electric at massively reduced cost (€5.20/kg).


The technologies developed will be particularly suited to building integrated renewable systems. In so doing, the InnovTEG technology will offer greatly improved environmental performance due to improved reduced dependence on fossil fuels, reduced emissions (CO2, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and particulates) at a cost that is affordable to the end-user. The project results are expected to benefit other SMEs in the renewable energy, materials processing and electronics industry sectors.

Bismuth Telluride has been at the core of commercial thermoelectric materials for low grade energy and compact cooling applications since the 1950s. A new material is needed to disrupt the sustainability issues associated with Tellurium, InnovTEG takes a significant step towards this goal by bringing together an experienced and high class consortium.

Project end date

October 2014




The INNOVTEG project finished with all the partners attending a final review meeting in Brussels on Tuesday the 21st October 2014.

The project was praised by the European Commission particularly for the materials research, the excellent collaboration between partners and the benefits that each partner has gained from being involved in the project. In relation to dissemination 5 papers were accepted into peer reviewed journals, 17 presentations were given and 6 posters presented with one winning a best poster award. In addition 4 more papers are currently being prepared.

The project produced some significant results in terms of sulphur based thermoelectric materials performance and scaled-up commercial production of the powders. The project prototype was tested and technological and economic validations carried out. It is considered that there is potential for a second project to further investigate materials and the system design.

More information

For more information please visit: innovteg.com