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Re-examining the use of thermal energy in engine management


VIPER 2 builds on the success of the VIPER project. Using conventional concepts of engine management in thermal energy, the engine will be re-examined using state-of-the-art simulation tools and a novel test engine which will allow the heat available to be directed to the most import components such as the cylinder liner walls.


Some of the heat that will inevitably escape down the exhaust will be converted into electricity using a thermoelectric generator. In the longer term, if all the project targets are met, it is believed that a 5% improvement in fuel economy is possible through the conversion and management of heat energy. The challenge is to achieve a dramatic cost reduction of the TEG components along with an improvement in function while increasing technology readiness level (TRL) from 2-3 and manufacturing readiness level (MRL) 3 to 6-7 and 5 respectively. This research programme, scheduled to start in early 2014, is enabled by a £2 million grant from the UK government’s Technology Strategy Board (TSB), and builds on an earlier programme which was also co-funded by the TSB.

Project end date

May 2017




Please check back for the results soon!

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