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Automotive Energy Harvesting - Technical Paper Published


Main image showing an example complete TEG mechanical package prototype.

The VIPER 2 project with European Thermodynamics in partnership with Jaguar Land Rover and Nottingham University is a research project into improved thermoelectric materials for the automotive sector.

In order to facilitate the harvesting of waste heat, thermoelectric generators (TEGs) will play an important role in achieving a large-scale, sustainable energy solution.

With power generation targeting up to 300W under operating temperatures of up to 500 ºC as well as cost and robustness constraints, the conflicting material characteristics needed for TEGs in this application posed a formidable challenge. The suitability and opportunities for thermoelectric devices in automotive applications are discussed, with particular emphasis on systems for electrical energy generation from exhaust gases.

For more information on the technical paper Thermoelectric Materials and Devices - Automotive Power Harvesting/ Thermoelectric Applications

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